Tough Mudder Moving to Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course

LEXINGTON – The high-pitched hum of race cars will be replaced with the heavy sound of mudders huffing and puffing their way to the finish line over the racetrack, winding back roads and dense woods when Tough Mudder takes over the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course on May 9 and 10, according to Tough Mudder officials.

According to information posted recently on Tough Mudder’s website, the extreme obstacle course event, which took place at Mansfield Lahm Airport each of the last two years, will move to the race course at 7721 Steam Corners Road.

Craig Rust, president of Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, said he is excited about the Tough Mudder event being held at the 330-acre race track.

He said there will be on-site parking for one of the track’s biggest non-racing events.

Rust said participants of Tough Mudder may run on the track, but there will be no construction within the guard rails to avoid potential damage to the track.

Rust said area hotels and restaurants will continue to benefit from the event. Tough Mudder officials will work closely with the Morrow County Sheriff’s Office and Lexington police.

“We’re excited to host it for the first time. It’s something different for us, and we’ll continue to look at other events,” Rust said.

According to Tough Mudder site scout Andrew Sigal, “One of our reasons for continuing to search for a new site in the Mansfield area was the relationship Tough Mudder, the Convention and Visitors Bureau and community have developed over the last few years.”

According to Kim Miers, CVB marketing/meetings director, “When Tough Mudder decided they wanted a new venue, but wanted to stay in the area due to the advantages the location provides, the search resumed and the CVB worked closely again with Tough Mudder staff to try to find additional options in the county. Regardless of what site is used for the event, the goal was to keep the event and the economic impact in our area. “

 “We applaud Mid-Ohio for entertaining the idea of hosting a Tough Mudder,” CVB president Lee Tasseff said. “In addition to world-class racing and a highly respected driving school, the track continues to evolve and boldly embrace new opportunities. We are excited to see Mid-Ohio get exposure in the endurance and extreme sports stage.”

On an historical note, “While the event starts a new chapter at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course, it’s important to note it all got started because of the forward thinking of the City of Mansfield (to partner with Tough Mudder in 2012) that first allowed them to come to the area,” Tasseff said.

Parking for the Tough Mudder caused a last-minute change this year when severe weather that rocked much of the county before the event made parking northeast of Mansfield Lahm Airport unsafe, Tough Mudder spokeswoman Carol Gottshall said at the time.

All parking was again off-site at the General Motors Plant, 578 Beer Road, Ontario, with 60 shuttles running to and from.

Tough Mudder officials said 9,000 to 10,000 people participated in or watched the event this year.


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