The Richland B&O Trail

As summer continues to fly by, it is important to take advantage of every single day. The Richland B&O Trail happens to be one of my favorite places to go when I come home from college for the summer for many reasons. There is truly no better feeling than running or biking along the path. Our local trail is 18.5 miles long connecting towns and villages across the county. With easy access and parking available, it is something I encourage everyone to try out before the warm weather is gone for the season.

Before you go on the trail, it is important to decide how much time and energy you have for a ride. If I am feeling extra energized that day, I will go for a long ride. Starting in Lexington at the Y-Not Bike Shop, all the way to the end of the trail in Butler, and then back, which is approximately 20 miles total. If you’re looking for an easier ride, try just heading to Bellville from Y-Not and back, which is approximately 10 miles total. There are even mile markers right on the path to tell you how far you have gone. Unfortunately, you cannot make a loop on this path, so it is important to know that you have to go back the way you came from. Once you know your time limit to run, bike or walk, it is time to plan your day!

A day on the Bike Trail can consist of a variety of stops. Stop at a local restaurant, such as Der Dutchman in Bellville, right off of the trail. You can also pack a basket full of lunch to stop and have a picnic at various locations right on the path. Or, bring some extra cash and stop at Dairy Belle, a local ice cream shop in Bellville for a tasty treat. And if something goes wrong with your bike, there is even Y-Not, a local bike shop in Lexington that you can stop at for assistance right off the path.

But, I am sure many of you wonder why go on the Bike Trail instead of just your neighborhood street or sidewalk?

Sun and shade all in one! The bike path is shaded in all of the right areas. You don’t have to worry about getting an abundant amount of sun, but you also don’t have to worry about not getting any sun at all. There are trees throughout the trail that provide the right amount of lighting for people biking, running or walking – and it is so beautiful to view in every season! Fall, spring and summer all have the perfect temperature, but you can even grab your cross-country skis for the winter!

A paved path is something you do not find in every neighborhood. Our local bike trail is paved to perfection with minimal hills, too! So if you are running, walking, biking or pushing a stroller, you do not have to worry about potholes that could cause you to take a spill.

With easy access to get on the winding path that goes from Butler to Mansfield, you can get on the trail at various locations. Whether you live in Butler, Bellville, Lexington or Mansfield, you can hop on the lengthy 18.5 mile trail. The trail even consists of stretching and water stations if you need to loosen up your muscles or get a drink of water in the middle of a long run or bike ride. At many of the stretching stations, there is a map to help you figure out where you are located and how far you would like to go. If you have any further questions regarding the B&O Trail, contact Gorman Nature Center.

A pet and family-friendly environment makes it an outing the whole family can enjoy. A day on the bike trail can be an all-day, fun-filled, cheap event for a 2-year-old or 80-year-old – and your dog will even have a blast!

The cool breeze and refreshing air during your time on the trail makes exercise actually enjoyable and relaxing. Why not exercise while taking in the wonderful scenery of the place we call home? I encourage everyone in the Richland County area to come on out to the Richland B&O Trail to have a fantastic, fitness-filled day with the family.

Written by CVB Intern, Molly Kardasz