The Great Mohican Pow Wow is making its way to Richland County

A celebration of the rich heritage of America’s first residents

The distant beat of drums you hear is the sound of the 28th annual Great Mohican Pow-Wow, coming to Loudonville and the Mohican Reservation. This authentic and enriching event takes place two times a year. This year, you can join in the celebration of all things Native American, July 13 – 15 and September 14 – 16. A heritage rich event, an opportunity for fellowship, and a revisit to the lifestyle, draws tribes from across the country, ready to share their expertise, ancestry, and traditions with all.

The traditional Grand Entry opens begins the weekend with flags are carried into the arena, followed by tribal chiefs, princesses, elders and organizers. Following close behind and officially kicking off the Pow-Wow are the men and then women dancers. After prayers are offered up, the round dances and intertribal dancing begins! This year’s featured dancers are The Tlacopaw Aztec Dancers native to Mexico. The dancing, original music, demonstrations, and celebrations continue for three days.

A lot of fun for families as well as an educational opportunity for all, the kaleidoscope of color in Native American wear and headdress alone, energize and bring this period of history to life. It’s a cultural experience which will give the kids an idea of what life was like for those first Americans; living off the land, hunting for food, making their own implements and clothing. Top artisans will showcase their talents and sell original creations. You’ll find pottery, bead working, leather working, basket weaving, and many more unique Native American items. Customary food is available for purchase as well.Expect to see some of the finest in athletic Native American prowess through the tomahawk throwing, smoke and hoop dancing, dance and drum competitions, and fire-starting. These demonstrations will leave your heart pounding and ready for a gentler session of storytelling presented by renowned story-teller, Lance White Eagle.

Rated as one of the top 100 shows in the United States, this is an authentic experience with great rewards for competitors. Over $9,000 in prize money is awarded and you can register no later than Saturday at noon for the drumming competitions which are segmented into gender and age groups.

The Pow-Wow has its own etiquette. In order to not offend any of the spirits, (or other attendees) you can find a copy of the rules of proper Pow-Wow on their website at as well as directions, ticket pricing, schedules of events, and vendor applications. For information about the area and lodging check the Mansfield Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau website at .

There’s a Native American proverb which says, “Tell me and I’ll forget. Show me and I may not remember. Involve me and I will understand. The Great Mohican Pow-Wow is guaranteed to be memorable, help you to understand, and have a little fun too.