Milliron buys Mansfield Motorsports Park

Written by Lou Whitmire News Journal

MANSFIELD,  Local businessman Grant Milliron purchased the former Mansfield Motorsport Speedway LLC Friday morning at sheriff’s sale for $800,000.

The 177.86 acres went up for auction at 10 a.m. during the Richland County Sheriff’s sale at the sheriff’s office. The starting bid was $308,827, the amount the county was owed in past-due property taxes.

With the sale, former track owner Mike Dzurilla lost six parcels listed as Mansfield Motorsports Speedway LLC, including the banked oval racetrack, grandstand, press boxes, concession stands and part of the parking area.

However, Dzurilla retains ownership of two adjacent parcels that are current on taxes —2.8 acres purchased in 2002 under the name Tatra Management Corp. That space contains offices and facilities to build race cars, along with 90 acres he purchased in 2007 under Piper Road LLC, with intentions to develop a drag strip.

The portion sold Friday is viable for use on its own as a racetrack business, according to Richland County delinquent tax collector Matt Finfgeld and Assistant Prosecutor Steve Wildermuth.

Milliron said he bought the track for the real estate but he hopes to find someone to operate the facility as a racetrack.