Meeting Spotlight: Port-A-Cook Catering

Port-A-Cook CateringPort-a-Cook caterings whole diptisserie chicken serves the entire state of Ohio with signature bar-b-que flavors and top-quality meats. They can cater to groups of people from 35 to 5,000 and offer a variety of entrée selections including chicken, ribs, chops, beef, pork, and steaks which are cooked in their special trucks and machines. Their unusual “diptisserie” style of cooking results in distinct delectable flavor and ensures that all items are cooked consistently. For this distinctive process, meat is placed in stainless steel baskets which rotate automatically over open flames. The meat is then systematically dipped into Port-A-Cook’s steamy secret bar-b-que sauce with each complete rotation. Whether you are throwing a company picnic, a wedding, or a fundraiser for a non-profit organization, you’ll find excellence you can trust with Port-a-Cook catering.

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