Discounted tours at Ohio wax museum

MANSFIELD, Ohio – A wax museum in Ohio featuring life-sized figures from biblical history is celebrating its 25th anniversary this week by offering 25-cent tours.
The BibleWalk museum in Mansfield has 300 figures made of wax, fiberglass and vinyl that inhabit more than 70 displays.
The hour-long Life of Christ tour starts with prophecies and Mary’s visit from the angel Gabriel and culminates in Jesus’ reign on the “Great White Throne” of judgment. Figures encountered along the hour-long Miracles of the Old Testament tour are Abraham, Moses, Samson and Ruth. Half-hour tours offer insight into the Reformation, including figures of Martin Luther and Henry VIII and Christian martyrs.
Museum Director Julia Mott-Hardin told The Columbus Dispatch that 30,000 to 40,000 people from around the world come each year.