CVB Member Spotlight on Gorman Nature Center

Gorman Nature Center aims to “introduce and interpret our region’s natural heritage to the citizens of Richland County.” As a part of the Richland County Parks District, Gorman Nature Center is providing an educational platform to audiences of all ages. Events take place on a weekly basis and cover fields of science from astrology to geology, through these events the Naturalists at Gorman are garnering interests in preservation, conservation and enjoyment of natural heritage.

Events at the Nature Center take place on a weekly basis, and are often repeated through the month. This allows for several opportunities to come and enjoy what the Center has to offer. Some events take place regularly such as The Night Sky monthly telescope program. The Invasive Species Removal Workshop where new conservationists learn to identify and properly remove plants such as garlic mustard from their property in order to preserve Ohio’s native plants. This June marks the second annual Richland County Park District Pollinator Festival. This event is educates about the importance of pollinators in Richland County as well as offering, “a wide variety of hikes and programs on identification, native plants to attract pollinators and more,” according to the Gorman Nature Center seasonal newsletter.

Apart from educational programs the Nature Center also provides access to observe native plants and animals. Several animals live in the visitor center and can be observed, and sometimes interacted with by visitors of Gorman. Soft-shell turtles, snakes, and frogs all live in tanks and can be viewed or handled under the supervision of one of the Naturalists. Gorman Nature Center is located on 150 acres of Richland County back country and displays several varieties of geography. Forests, fields, prairies, ponds and streams are present on the property and can be experienced on the five miles of hiking trail, which can be used for cross-country skiing in the winter. While hiking or skiing visitors can see deer, blue jays, some amphibians and several species of insect. Once the hike is complete Gorman Nature Center also has a picnic for visitors to enjoy after hiking and experiencing Ohio wildlife up close.

With warm weather imminent and Gorman Nature Center hosting frequent and educational events there are few reasons to stay indoors this spring. Stay up to date with Nature Center events by checking their calendar online, and check out other local parks at the Mansfield/Richland County Convention & Visitors Bureau website

Under the direction of the Richland County Parks District, Gorman Nature Center is an educational platform for Richland County natural heritage. Along with the Nature Center the RCPD also operates the B&O Bike Trail. If a visitor at either of these parks has an issue or concern with something they’ve seen they should call the RCPD director at 419.884.3764 and voice their concerns. It’s also important for visitors to know that none of the parks along the bike trail are under the direction of RCPD and have their own departments to contact.

Written by Adam Bloir, CVB Intern