CVB Announces New Richland B&O Bike Trail Map

The Mansfield/Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau (M/RCVB), spearheaded a collaboration with Gorman Nature Center and community leaders in cities and villages along the trail, to give the Richland B&O Trail an update.   The trail map highlights communities along the path and is much more visually appealing and easy to read.  The two-year project produced a new, digitally re-created map that can now be used in multiple applications in any size and mediums and features a new web-presence for the trail (located within incorporating QR Code access for those who would rather use their smartphone or tablet instead of a printed map. 

The CVB especially thanks its partners: Richland Community Development Group (RCDG) for sponsoring the printing and Henley Graphic Communications for sponsoring the distribution.  For more detailed information of what’s available along the trail that’s a rider can easily “roll” to visit  Visitors can also find the info in the bike trail section of  New maps are now in circulation.  For a copy of the trail map, visit the website or call 800-642-8282.