Carney Unaware Air Force One Landing at Base to Be Eliminated by Cuts

White House press secretary Jay Carney said he was unaware about defense cuts that will close an Air Force base in Ohio–where President Obama will be landing tomorrow aboard Air Force One. Here’s the video, from the White House press briefing:

REPORTER: Can you talk a little bit about why the president is going back to the same area of Akron, Ohio tomorrow that he has visited before? And in Mansfield the local paper is reporting if President Obama has his way his Air Force One arrival would be one of the final flights into the Mansfield airport, because the president wants to do away with the mission for the 800 guardsmen at the Mansfield.

JAY CARNEY: I’ll have to take the question, I’m not aware of that particular issue. In terms of why is he is going to Ohio and Akron–

REPORTER: No, to that area of Ohio, Mansfield and Akron, I mean he was just there on the bus tour.

CARNEY: There is not an inch of Ohio that the president does not love to visit. [laughter] It’s a great state, my wife’s home state.

REPORTER: In terms of Mansfield, can we get you to take that question?

CARNEY: Sure. I’m not aware of even the policy implications or what issue this is.