BibleWalk Adds New Exhibit at Museum

Amazing things continue to happen at BibleWalk, Ohio’s only life-size wax museum.  The Walk of The Parables, BibleWalk’s newest exhibit, opens to the public March 21, 2015.  The Walk of Parables consists of 39 original oil paintings, each four feet wide and seven feet high.  The paintings are the work of noted religious artist Mark Pedro; and are thought to be the first series of paintings depicting the parables of Jesus ever undertaken by a single artist.  They were formerly on display at Christus Gardens in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.

“We are very honored to share not only Mark Pedro’s paintings with the public, but also through his paintings, his love for God,” says Julia Mott-Hardin, BibleWalk’s Director.  “The parables will prove to be a wonderful addition which will greatly compliment our tours and other exhibits that are offered at BibleWalk,” continues Hardin.

BibleWalk first opened its doors August 15, 1987.  At that time BibleWalk (aka The Living Bible Museum) consisted of museum-quality fiberglass figures making up 19 scenes. Today BibleWalk has grown into 70 scenes featuring over 300 life-sized wax figures. One of the most notable scenes is Madam Tussaud’s famous re-creation of The Last Supper.

In addition to BibleWalk’s museum tours: The Life of Christ, Miracles of the Old Testament, The Heart of The Reformation and The Museum of Christian Martyrs, there are a number of exhibits also on display.

Among the exhibits is a collection of American Votive Folk-Art, formerly Gems Vesper Museum in Barton New York; the Word Picture Art of Rhee Kwang Hyuk, the Wood-carvings of John Burns, four cases of rare Bibles from the collection of Rev. Lewie Miller, and 3 animated scenes donated to BibleWalk by The American Bible Association.

BibleWalk’s entry way gives home to artist Elfred Lee’s “The Invitation.”  This limited edition 4 ft by 8 ft framed picture was donated by BibleLand Studios. 

BibleWalk is also home to “Dinner With Grace,” a Christian Dinner Theater.

“All that we have on the property is only for one reason; and that reason is to share the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ always giving Him all the glory that is due Him,” says Hardin.

BibleWalk will be opening two new tours, an Art Gallery and an exhibit of an original Fontanini Nativity Village in 2015-2016.  Check back with BibleWalk as additional details are made available.

The tours will be Amazing Grace; The Journeys of Paul and The American Christian Heritage Tour.  The Art Gallery will feature the Religious Paintings of George Malick.

For further information and/or pictures Julia Mott-Hardin can be contacted at BibleWalk, 500 Tingley Avenue, Mansfield, Ohio, phone 419-524-0139 or 1-800-222-0139, or email  Visit their website at



Julia Mott-Hardin, Director