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Helpful Tips

Are you ready for Ohio’s Total Solar Eclipse on Monday, April 8, 2024?  Here are several tips to help you prepare well ahead of time.

Whether you’re staying at home or traveling to the path of totality, the Total Solar Eclipse calls for some advance planning and preparation as there can be a extreme demand on supplies, businesses, hospitals, restaurants, gas stations and more.  Local community leaders, including police, fire, EMA, and county officials, continue to discuss the upcoming Eclipse event.

  • Up to 250,000 visitors are expected in the Richland County area.
  • Limited cell phone service and internet access due to heightened network use.
  • Extra cell phone battery or charger.
  • Extreme demand on lodging, restaurants, and gas stations.
  • Have a supply of necessary medications for yourself and loved ones weeks ahead of time.
  • First aid kit.
  • Whistle to signal for help.
  • Stock up on food, bottled water, infant formula and diapers, non-perishable food for several days.
  • Stock up on pet food/supplies, and livestock feed.
  • Fill up your vehicle gas tank.
  • Do you need propane for your generator?
  • Flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Books, games, puzzles and activities for children.
  • Delay medical appointments days before and days after eclipse. Hospitals, urgent care locations and doctor’s offices could be in demand with emergencies due to the number of people coming into the area.
  • Law enforcement, fire, EMS, health care facilities could be extremely busy.
  • Most schools will be closed on April 8, 2024.
  • Heavy to gridlocked traffic conditions before and after the eclipse are expected.
  • Food trucks- use cash when possible. May not be able to swipe cards due to internet use.
  • Have cash and change when possible. Internet may go down.
  • Only use solar eclipse glasses that comply with the ISO 12312-2 international standard. Don’t squint at the sun directly.  The UV rays of the sun can burn your retinas and can cause permanent damage to your vision.
  • Enjoy the eclipse! Don’t try to take a photo or you will miss this monumental moment.  Enjoy the photos professionals will post.