Mohican Wildlife Weekend 2021 “Survivor Mohican”

There’s a wonderful natural world waiting to be explored alone, with family, or with small groups at the 20th Annual Mohican Wildlife Weekend “SURVIVOR MOHICAN”, April 23-25, 2021. Choose your own adventure with a weekend full of scheduled activities and unscheduled adventure at 10 different sites throughout Richland and Ashland Counties. Earn official Survivor Mohican hat pins in five different colors at selected events. You can also attend specially selected hikes to receive a free hiking stick medallion (limited availability).

Don’t miss keynote speaker, Carleigh Fairchild*, a participant on seasons 3 and 5 of the outdoor survivalist series “Alone”, on the History Channel at Pleasant Hill Lake Park, April 23, 2021 from 7 PM – 8 PM. Fairchild will share stories from the 91 days she spent in the wilderness of Patagonia and Mongolia and explain how she used his skills to survive off the land. Join Carleigh as she shares stories of facing fears, finding inner strength, and adapting to new landscapes. The event will take place at an outdoor covered stage area with outdoor seating and social distancing, so space is limited. Make sure to register for this free event at

This year, you’ll find 10 Mohican Wildlife Weekend sites that are open with programs and 3 sites that are open without programs. Scheduled programs will be restricted to small sizes depending on activity and location, with most outside venues using social distancing and face masks optional. Inside venues will be cleaned and sanitized after each program with a mask or other face coverings required. Program staff will wear masks when presenting indoors. All Mohican Wildlife Weekend programs will follow the Ohio Department of Health & local guidelines in effect at that time of the event and all events will require pre-registration through

A Sampling of Sites and Activities

Pleasant Hill Lake Park & Charles Mill Lake Park will be open with scheduled programs such as archery, survival skills, BB gun range, gold panning, art, outdoor cooking, crafts and more. Enjoy camping, cabins, hiking, boating and fishing at the parks. Make your camping and cabin reservations online at

Ohio Bird Sanctuary will be open with scheduled programs and free admission during the weekend. Activities include raptor photography, youth survivor demos, and a food and drink station. Register online for Birding Boat Tours at Clearfork Reservoir Marina.

Gorman Nature Center will be open with scheduled programs like hikes, backpacking, BioBlitz, and more. Hiking trails and the nature center will be open for public use.

Byers Woods, and Fowler Woods will be open with scheduled programs like wagon tours, wildflower hikes, bird & forestry walks, and more.

Mohican & Malabar Farm State Parks will be open without scheduled programs. Enjoy Hiking trails, fishing, camping, & explore the outdoors during the weekend.

Mohican Lodge and Conference Center & Landoll’s Mohican Castle will be open with scheduled programs. Watch a live bird of prey demonstration at Mohican Lodge & go on a Royal Scavenger Hunt at Landoll’s Mohican Castle. Overnight accommodations and reservations are available at both locations.

Visit for a full schedule of events.

Mohican Wildlife Weekend is made possible thanks to the support of corporate sponsor Fin, Feather, Fur Outfitters. Please check the Mohican Wildlife Weekend website for changes and updates. Most events take place at outdoor venues, so dress for changing weather. Please follow Covid19 guidelines by social distancing, wearing a face covering, and washing and sanitizing hands regularly.

* Currently living in North Carolina, Carleigh Fairchild was born and raised in Ohio. She began studying survival skills as a teenager and from the very beginning loved starting fires, building shelters, processing animal hides, and weaving baskets. It was through these skills that Carleigh found peace and connection within the world. Carleigh lives her life as a journey, taking each adventure and living it to the fullest. She is a two-time participant in the survival series “Alone” on History, living alone and filming herself for 86 days in Patagonia and 5 days in Mongolia. Join Carleigh as she shares stories about facing fears, finding inner strength, and adapting to new landscapes.