Hallowicked – try not to pee your pants

October 1, 2012  Hallowicked Haunted Woods 2012


A scarecrow pops out in the maze at the Hallowicked Haunted Woods.

MANSFIELD — The staff at Hallowicked keeps count of more than just those who come through their gates.

“We had four people pee their pants last weekend,” said haunted woods owner Paul Bond of opening weekend. “That’s actually a low number for us.”

The scares begin again Friday.

For those who have previously attended, Bond said the course is bigger, better and more frightening than ever.

“We have 60 actors, our largest crew ever,” Bond said. “We really went all out this year.”

The tour begins with a long row of standing coffins that guests must enter — alone.

“Some people get so scared they won’t even go in,” Bond said. “But it’s the only way to be reunited with your group.”

Guests will find themselves alone in a pitch black hall that they must fight their way through to find their friends. But relief won’t last long.

The next stop is the Hall of Chain Saw Terror, where crazed monsters with real chainsaws will follow and frighten guests for an agonizing 65 feet.

From there more creepy creations will send guests running for the clearing — only to find themselves at the gate of the Demented Dollhouse. Which dolls are real and which are fake?

One thing is certain: Something frightening is lurking.

From there, corpses will do their best to keep guests from leaving the graveyard.

Hallowicked also forces guests through seeping “sewage,” a prison execution chamber and the 110-foot Horror Hospital.

Rob Wynn, co-owner, said the clown area is one of the worst for people.

“It’s amazing to me how many people don’t like clowns,” he said. “Once people hear that clown music they say, ‘Uh, uh. I’m not going in there.’ We have a clown outside though to push them through.”

Next, a three-acre corn maze, brimming with devilish creatures, awaits.

“It’s even harder because you’re having to figure your way out in the dark,” Wynn said. “We’ve had people lost in there for an hour.”

Hallowicked ends with a swirling vortex.

“We had a guy go through six times and still couldn’t get through it without stumbling all over the place,” Bond said with a laugh. “It’s a great time. We started working on this every weekend since May. We just love doing it.”



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