Enjoy a prison break: \’Shawshank\’ reunion begins next week

MANSFIELD — It’s all about the experience.

The 20th anniversary reunion of the filming of “Shawshank Redemption” will be Aug. 30, 31 and Sept. 1 at more than 20 sites from Mansfield to Upper Sandusky.

For a complete list of events and a schedule, visit mansfieldtourism.com.

The film, released in 1994, tells the story of successful, young banker Andy Dufresne, whose life changes drastically when he is convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his wife and her lover.

“Shawshank” shows how Andy, with the help of his friend Red, the prison entrepreneur, turns out to be a most unconventional prisoner.

“The Shawshank Trail exists to give people as much of an authentic Shawshank experience as possible,” said Lee Tasseff, president of the Mansfield/Richland County Convention and Visitors Bureau. “The prison is here. The courthouse is within driving distance. During the reunion, you’ll get to meet other people who are as big of a fan as you are. It’s all about the experience. You can walk down the halls, see the lumber mill, you can see where Red hops out of the truck. You can be here. You can put yourself in the movie. This reunion will bring it all back to life again.”

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Photo caption: Morgan Freeman, left, and Tim Robbins star in the film ‘The Shawshank Redemption.’ (Gannett News Service, Michael Weinstein/Castle Rock Entertainment) / GNS