Easter Message of Hope and Resurrection Comes to Life in Mansfield, Ohio


A journey with Jesus in his final days

The Lenten season is in full swing and Easter is right around the corner. Spring Break brings with it a little extra time off to enjoy special outings and events. There are few more meaningful ways to experience the messages of Easter than a visit to Biblewalk.

Celebrating twenty-five years of bringing the Bible to life, this awe inspiring, non-denominational museum has grown to house 70 scenes with over 300 wax figures. It has the distinction of being Ohio’s only life-sized wax museum and Ohio’s only Christian dinner theatre. The figures in “The Last Supper” are the creation of internationally renowned Madame Toussaud trained artists. All the displays are ornate and realistic, precisely appointed with beautiful wall murals and props. Authentic costumes adorn the uncannily lifelike figures. Looking into the piercing glass eyes of these wax actors fires up your imagination as you travel through milestone Bible stories, such as The Creation, Adam and Eve, Moses, and even Jonah and the whale. There are four unique museums and tours; Miracles of the Old Testament, Museum of Christian Martyrs, Heart of Reformation and The Life of Christ. To enjoy all four of the museums as well as the exquisite, one of a kind, rare Bible collection, and the American Votive Folk Art Collection, the largest of its kind in the United States, you should plan on spending half a day. This is an unforgettable outing, ideal for church groups and rates are available as well as guided tours. Regular pricing for admission to one of the four museums is $5.50 for adults, $4.50 for students, and children under five are free. A discount is available if you choose to tour all four museums.

The shorter, The Life of Christ tour is ideal for children in bringing home the Easter story. The tour is about an hour long. The exquisitely detailed dioramas will make a lasting impression and the kids will walk away with a greater understanding of the meaning of Easter. There are benches to sit directly across from the exhibits or plenty of space for standing. Tour guides are stationed around the exhibits to answer questions or assist as needed.

Biblewalk also sponsors special dinner theatres, aptly named, Dinner with Grace. These take place several times a year and are for groups of 40 or more participants A complete listing and application for reservations can be obtained on their website at www.biblewalk.us and for a complete look at the area’s offerings to round out your experience , visit www.MansfieldTourism.com or call the Mansfield/Richland County Convention & Visitors Bureau at 800-642-8282.

If an immersion experience is more to your liking and you’re looking for some time to connect, reflect, and renew, Biblewalk has on-premise lodging for personal and small group retreats. These can accommodate 6-10 people and can be customized to your needs. Off-site lodging options are also available. You can mix and match museum tours, Dinners with Grace, worship services, and even individual spa treatments. The grounds are lovely. Soothing natural nooks of flower gardens, walkways, a gazebo, and waterfall provide the environment for rejuvenation. Call 1-800-222-0139 to inquire about dates and availability for this service.

BibleWalk is located at 500 Tingley Avenue, Mansfield, OH 44905 and can be reached at 419-524-0139 and www.BibleWalk.us .