College Students Find Unexpected Fun Spots in Area

­­­Written by CVB Intern: Tim Gutai

So as a kid growing up, whenever you’re hanging out with friends, someone always asks the question, “What should we do?” In Mansfield, its “What’s there to do in Mansfield, besides go to the movies.” And now that I’m in college, on those occasions when I visit home (I’m at a college in Indiana), I try to see if there’s something interesting I’ve never tried before, something that someone my age would find fun.

Surprisingly enough, there are plenty of things to do around here – you just have to stop and do a little bit of looking. For example, a friend of mine had heard of Relax, It’s Just Coffee when it was just opening. It’s a neat place downtown with a very comfortable feel and amazing coffee. The same thing was true for me when my family first discovered the B&B Bike Trail, connecting Mansfield to Butler on a paved 8.2 mile path.  It’s great for biking, walking, or running and the scenery and stops along the way make it a super way to spend the day outside.

Recently, I went to Kelly’s Driving Range and Mini Golf. Although it’s on 1280 S. Main St., and actually not far from where I live, I never paid much attention to it before. They have a driving range, mini golf and decent food. And it’s pretty cheap, at only 4 bucks a round. I went there with two family members and we had a lot of fun!

The mini golf trek has 18 holes, and the courses are really colorful. But don’t be fooled, though, by the scenery or how seemingly easy the courses might look. It’s quite a challenge. The art of mini golf is finesse and patience, and some careful thought in how you want to make your shots. You really can make a day of it, and that made it more fun because there was no rush. My dad, younger sister and I had a good time making fun of each other and how bad we sometimes did. (Not my dad though – he got a hole-in-one!!) And each course is different, so you’re not just playing the same hole over and over again. Literally anything could happen. Who knows? Maybe like my dad, you too could get a hole-in-one!

All my friends are off at different colleges now, but if we get together again and someone asks, “What’s there to do for us in Mansfield?” I’ll say, “Let’s go to Kelly’s!” I really do recommend it – even if (maybe especially if) you think you’re bad at mini-golf! 

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