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Join us on a journey through time as we celebrate the life and legacy of Johnny Appleseed. The Johnny Appleseed Historic Byway traveling exhibit will launch April 2024, coinciding with Arbor Day apple tree planting, and will run until March 2025, marking the anniversary of his death. The exhibit will be open to the public and free of charge, but reservations are required for loaning the exhibit. The exhibit is available for loan to various public locations. The exhibit showcases Johnny Appleseed’s love of nature and apples, his contributions to the development of the region, and his enduring influence on American culture and folklore.

Traveling Exhibit Elements

Below are the elements of the Johnny Appleseed Traveling Exhibit.  The exhibit is available April 1, 2024 thru March 1, 2025.  Please request the exhibit with your 1st and 2nd choice for dates.  Email Louis Andres-

Click HERE to find where the traveling exhibit will be throughout the year.

4- Information Graphic Panels H80″ x W33″ (Red, Blue, Green & Tan)

1- Large H6′ x W4′ cutout Apple Tree

1- Floor Standing Brochure Rack

1- Six-foot folding table with Appleseed logo red tablecloth

1- Apple Tree Cross Section

3- Plastic tabletop graphic signs

1- 3D model of Appleseed Monument H18″ x 24″

2- Wooden apple crates with artificial apples

1- TV stand with wide-screen vertical (portrait mounted) TV

1- Extension Cord 25′

Brochures Johnny Appleseed Historic Byway Information/ Map, Wooden Nickels-Souvenir, and Bookmarks.