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Tourism Economy

Our attractions, our natural resources, our cultural heritage and our sense of Mansfield/Richland County pride attract visitors to our region. Tourism adds to our quality of life and makes our communities attractive places to live, work, conduct business and visit.

The visitor economy includes products, services and sites located throughout our area, including: overnight accommodations, attractions, restuarants, retail outlets, entertainment venues and indoor/outdoor recreational opportunities.

Visitor expenditures represent “new dollars” for our local economy. Residents certainly contribute to a hospitality businesses bottom line. Attracting visitors, on the other hand, provides an additional positive economic impact that otherwise would not have been included in sales and tax revenue.

Richland County Tourism & Hospitality Industry Snapshot

  • $404.5 million in Total Sales
  • Supports 5,094 jobs with a payroll of $115.8 million
  • $11.6 million in local taxes
  • $562 per household in tax burden relief
  • Tourism/Hospitality is the 6th largest employer in Richland County*.
  • Tourism/Hospitality is a diverse composite of economic activities including Arts, Entertainment, Recreation, Accommodations, and Food Service sectors.

State of Ohio Annual Data

  • $53 billion in sales for Ohio businesses.
    • Average Spending per Person is $115 for a Day Trip
    • Average Spending per Person is $382 for an Overnight Trip
  • 233 million Statewide Tourism Visits
  • 47 million Overnight Visits
  • 424,339 jobs were sustained by visitors to Ohio

Source:  Tourism Ohio/Industry 

U.S. Annual Data

$1.2 trillion in direct travel spending.
8 million direct travel-generated jobs.
15 million direct & indirect jobs (1 out of every 10 jobs).