Summer Reading in Richland County

Are you a history buff? A mystery lover? Or, even just a resident looking to learn more about our town? Well, Mansfield and the Richland County area offer all of those genres and many more to read, borrow or buy! So, if you’re looking for the perfect summer read, check out one of our local bookstores or local libraries for some great options.

Mansfield is full of history. Whether you are interested in the haunted history of our city or the famous people, there are books offered about it all. Just some of the famous authors in our area include Louis Bromfield, Scott Fields, Timothy McKee, Sherri Brake and Stacy Dittrich.

Louis Bromfield is an American author from Mansfield and has pioneered innovative scientific farming concepts and writes about a variety of aspects in Mansfield. Scott Fields is a fiction author who wrote a popular novel based on true events in the Mansfield area. Tim McKee’s history books can provide you with a plethora of information about Mansfield’s innovations and success since 1808 – and also shows great images capturing Mansfield’s timeless beauty. We can’t forget about Mansfield’s well-known haunted past, and author, Sherri Brake captures it all in her books about our town. Another great author includes Stacy Dittrich, a former police detective from Mansfield. She wrote numerous mystery novels and true crime books based on her time as an officer right here in Mansfield.

Buying local is something many people find to be beneficial for the community, but many do not realize that reading local is just as important. Buying, borrowing or just simply reading a local book helps you gain knowledge about where you are from and provides great entertainment. At Main Street Books in Downtown Mansfield, you are able to get reading recommendations, workshops, literary open mikes and you are supporting your local economy all at the same time! “We have a quirky and innovative selection of books that you will not find at Barnes & Noble,” said Llalan Fowler, manager of Main Street Books.

The top 10 favorite books and authors you can find at the local bookstore include:

  • Malabar Farm by Louis Bromfield and E.B. White
  • Mansfield (Then and Now) by Timothy McKee
  • Ohio Breweries by Rick Armon
  • The Green Bay Tree by Louis Bromfield
  • The Haunted History of the Ohio State Reformatory by Sherri Brake
  • The Mansfield Killings by Scott Fields
  • The Ohio State Reformatory by Nancy K. Darbey
  • Without Leave by Deborah Fleming
  • Rotten to the Core: Crime, Sex & Corruption in Johnny Appleseed’s Hometown by Martin D. Yant
  • The Devil’s Closet by Stacy Dittrich

Main Street Books takes people into the minds of new writers, small press publications, local authors and of course, national books. They also provide great opportunities to read, write and talk with others at their book clubs, Storytimes and free-write sessions. These activities are a great way to talk with others about what you may have missed in a book or did not understand.

If you’re the type that likes to experiment with tons of different books at a low cost then borrowing might be the right choice for you. The Richland County Public Library offers tons of books, magazines, audio books and even e-books to borrow.

Just because it is summer does not mean you should stop reading and learning. The Richland County Public Library offers a summer reading program to push people of all ages to their literacy limits. Read, attend programs and watch a variety of professional performers such as, Mad Science Marvels of Motion to earn prizes throughout the summer. No matter where you live in the Richland County area, a local library is near you. There are a total of nine Richland County libraries located in Bellville, Butler, Crestview, Lexington, Lucas, Madison, Mansfield, Ontario and Plymouth. Be sure to sign up for the Summer Library Program by July 30!

Once you find the perfect book, all you need is the perfect location to read it. There are so many spots in the Richland County area that are a great location to sit back, relax and read. View for more places to read, borrow or buy books in the area!

Written by CVB Intern, Molly Kardasz